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Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner

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  • RolePostdoctoral Student
  • Contact Details:
    • Telephone: +27 21 959 3645
    • Email: jeanbaka at sanbi ac za
  • Research:
    • H3ABioNet project


After studying computer science, mathematics and signal processing at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Rennes, France), I graduated with an MSc in computer science in 2006. I then traveled on a one-year sabbatical in 2006-2007 to lecture in Niamey, Niger and Yaouné, Cameroon, in a project aimed at developing capacity in mathematics and CS higher education and research in Africa. Back in France,  I started my PhD in Montpellier (at LIRMM, a CNRS lab) under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Gascuel, in the field of phylogenetics and statistical modeling. I defended my PhD thesis in December 2011, which is titled “Combination of phylogenetic and sequential models to analyze biological sequences: reconstructing ancestral profile HMMs.” I am now a postdoctoral fellow at SANBI, in the research group led by Dr. Nicki Tiffin. I am working for the H3Africa consortium, more specifically in the NIH-funded H3ABioNet project. Within this project, my first objective is to develop and make use of a new tool to assess capacity in bioinformatics in Africa and to report about the effectiveness of the H3ABioNet project, in terms of capacity building.