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eVOKE is a browser-based JAVA client for the eVOC platform, a combination of orthogonal ontologies used to manually curate over 8,000 cDNA expression libraries, and the resulting mappings between annotations, libraries and gene identifiers such as UniGene Clusters or Reference Sequences.

eVOC Query Interface

The eVOKE query interface is currently in beta testing mode. If you would like to give the system a try please take a look at the installation instructions, then proceed to the eVOKE test page.

If you encounter any problems or have questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact Oliver Hofmann via electronic mail at

Installation Instructions

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The web based evoke query interface requires the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (Version 6) as well as a change to the Java policies while the interface is still in testing mode. Please follow these guidelines: Download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment from this location for your operating system: In …