The Evolution And Molecular Epidemiology Of Single-Stranded DNA and RNA Viral Pathogens Of Humans Other Animals And Plants.

My research interests primarily focuses on the evolution and molecular epidemiology of single-stranded DNA and RNA viral pathogens of humans other animals and plants. I seek to computationally determine using full genomic sequences the evolutionary underpinnings of the emergence and spread of the numerous viral diseases that seriously threaten the health and food security of […]

UWC Forensic DNA Lab Product Launch

On 6 December 2018 Prof Junaid Gamieldien attended the product launch of the UniQ Typer™ Y10 Genotyping Kit Product developed by Prof Eugenia D’amato at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa in partnership with Inqaba Biotec. Gamieldien was as present as the team-lead for development of UniQTyper Reference Database (, which was co-developed […]