Welcome to the Research laboratory of Dr Ruben Cloete

The research focus of my lab is on the use and development of computational structural tools in understanding protein structure and function. The methods we employ include molecular protein structure modelling to determine a protein’s three dimensional shape using homology or fold recognition predictions and molecular docking studies to identify novel drug molecules to inhibit enzyme function. Other approaches we employ in my group is molecular dynamic simulation studies to understand protein thermodynamic and kinetic properties. Current research projects include; understanding drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and in the Human Immune deficiency virus (HIV-1) integrase protein and the identification of causal variants in Parkinson’s disease development.

Rationale for research projects:

Tuberculosis and HIV-1 drug resistance is a huge problem in South Africa and calls for the identification of newer drugs to curb the spread of these diseases. Computational methods can help in speeding up the drug discovery process and is an important tool that can reduce the cost and time spend pursuing drugs that later fail in clinical trials. We have developed computational pipelines within my laboratory to interrogate drug targets to screen for inhibitors that can be purchased and tested in vitro for activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We also use computational methods to validate mutations and their effects on protein structure and function. This is also very useful to determine if a drug remains within an enzyme active pocket and if the mutation results in reduced binding. The result of this research may provide improve treatment regimens for South African populations to combat infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Lab members:

Msc students

Mr Darren Isaacs,

Miss Rumbidzai Chitongo,

Miss Maryam Hassan.

Research Collaborations

Prof Alan Christoffels – SANBI, UWC

Dr Melanie Grobbelaar – Stellenbosch University

Prof Samantha Samson – Stellenbosch University

Prof Sarel Malan – School of Pharmacy, UWC

Prof Jacque Joubert – School of Pharmacy, UWC

Mrs Erika Kapp – School of Pharmacy, UWC

Prof Soraya Bardien – Stellenbosch University

Dr Graeme Jacobs – Stellenbosch University

Prof Rob Warren – Stellenbosch University

Prof Chandra Verma – A-star Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore


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Available projects: Dependent on funding

1) Molecular dynamic simulation studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein drug targets.

2) Developing T7 bacteriophage (GP2) into Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA polymerase inhibitor

3) Pharmacophore and docking based studies to discover novel drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV-1 integrase.

4) Prioritising disease causative variants in Parkinson’s disease families.

5) Comparative studies of different HIV-1 subtype integrase (HIV-1C, HIV-1AG and HIV-1E) proteins using structural methods.

6) 2D interaction map open source stand-alone tool development using python.

Contact details:

Physical Address:

South African National Bioinformatics Institute

5th Floor, Life Sciences Building

University of Western Cape

Modderdam Road

Bellville 7530

South Africa

Phone: +27(0) 21 959 3573





twitter: ruben@sanbi.ac.za