This page contains a list of student theses from completed masters and doctoral programmes.


  • Adele Kruger – PhD Thesis, September 2009: Development and Implementation of Ontology-Based Systems for Mammalian Gene Expression Profiling
  • Feziwe Mpondo – MSc Thesis, September 2009: A Comparative Genomics Approach Towards Classifying Immunity-related Proteins in the Tsetse Fly
  • Kavisha Ramdayal – MSc Thesis, September 2009: Incidence and Regulatory Implications of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms among Established Ovarian Cancer Genes
  • Sarah Wambui – MSc Thesis, September 2009: An evolutionary genomics approach towards analysis of genes implicated in transmission of trypanosomes between tsetse fly and mammalian host

  • Mario Jonas – MSc Thesis, September 2006: High Performance Computing and Algorithm Development: Application of Dataset Development to Algorithm Parameterisation
  • Farahnaz Ketwaroo – MSc Thesis, September 2006: Detection of positive selection in longitudinal Nevirapine treated reverse transcriptase sequences

  • Anelda Boardman – MSc Thesis, March 2005: Assessment of genome visualization tools relevant to HIV genome research: Development of a genome browser prototype
  • Nothemba Kula – MSc Thesis, March 2005: Mung Bean Nuclease Digestion of Plasmodium DNA: Fact or Fiction?
  • Faizel Mosoval – MSc Thesis, March 2005: Determining the rate of structural changes in human duplicate genes

  • Janet Kelso – PhD Thesis, April 2003: The Development and Application of Informatics-based Systems for the Analysis of the Human Transcriptome
  • Victoria Nembaware – MSc Thesis: Analysis of sequence divergence using completely sequenced genomes

  • Elana Ernstoff – MSc Thesis, December 2002: HIV Subtype C Diversity: Analysis of the Relationship of Sequence Diversity to Proposed Epitope Locations
  • Tzu-ming Chern – MSc Thesis, September 2002: Low Detection of Exon-skipping in Mouse Genes Orthologous to Human Genes on Chromosome 22

  • Junaid Gamieldien – PhD Thesis, December 2001: Novel Genomic Approaches for the Indentification of Virulence Genes and Drug Targets in Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Alan Christoffels – PhD Thesis, September 2001: Generation of a human gene index and its application to disease candidacy

  • Ekow Oppon – PhD Thesis, December 2000: Synergistic use of Promoter Prediction Algorithms: A choice for Small Training Dataset?
  • Andrey Ptitsyn – PhD Thesis, October 2000: New Algorithms for EST Clustering