This page contains a list of student theses from completed masters and doctoral programmes.

  • Emil Tanov – PhD Thesis, 2017: Identification and ranking of pervasive secondary structures in
    positive sense single-stranded ribonucleic acid viral genomes

  • Ibrahim Ahmed – PhD Thesis, 2017: Computational prediction of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions

  • Werner Veldsman – MSc Thesis, 2016: SNP based literature and data retrieval

  • Eugene Madzokere – MSc Thesis, 2015: The phylogeography, epidemiology and determinants of Maize streak virus dispersal across Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean Islands
  • Tracey Calvert-Joshua – MSc Thesis, 2015: Integrating regulatory and methylome data for the discovery of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC) variants
  • Stephanie Pitts – MSc Thesis, 2015: An investigation into the MicroRNA-gene interactions involved in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Azeez Fatai – PhD Thesis, 2015: Computational analysis of multilevel omics data for the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of cancer
  • Darlington Mapiye – PhD Thesis, 2015: Computational genomics approaches for kidney diseases in Africa
  • Samuel Egieyeh – PhD Thesis, 2015: Computational strategies to identify, prioritize and design potential antimalarial agents from natural products

  • Leendert Cloete – MSc Thesis, 2014: The molecular evolution and epidemiology of Rubella virus
  • George Obiero – PhD Thesis, 2014: Genome-wide annotation of chemosensory and glutamate-gated receptors, and related genes in Glossina morsitans morsitans tsetse fly
  • Kavisha Ramdayal – PhD Thesis, 2014: Evolution of HIV-1 subtype C gp120 envelope sequences in the female genital tract and blood plasma during acute and chronic infection
  • Alecia Naidu – PhD Thesis, 2014: Computational characterisation of DNA methylomes in mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing hyper- and hypo-virulent strains

  • Saleema Crous – MSc Thesis, 2013: Characterising the Prevalence and Mode of CXCR4 Usage in HIV-1 Group M Subtype C
  • Zahra Dashti – PhD Thesis, 2013: Computational characterization of IRE-regulated genes in Glossina morsitans
  • Mushal Ali – PhD Thesis, 2013: Identification and characterization of microRNAs and their putative target genes in Anopheles funestus s.s

  • Casper Joubert – MSc Thesis, 2012: The potential of commercial praziquantel formulations as “off label” treatments for diplectanum oliveri (monogenea) infecting cultured argyrosomus species in the South African marine finfish aquaculture industry
  • Wisdom Akurugu – MSc Thesis, 2012: Effects of nucleotide variation on the structure and function of human arylamine n-acetyltransferase 1
  • Tracey Kibler – MSc Thesis, 2012: A computational characterisation of the relationship between genome structure and disease genes
  • Emil Tanov – MSc Thesis, 2012: The identification of biologically important secondary structures in disease-causing RNA viruses.
  • Darlington Mapiye – MSc Thesis, 2012: Normalization and statistical methods for crossplatform expression array analysis

  • Muhammed Adam – MSc Thesis, 2011: A knowledge base of stress reponsive gene regulatory elements in arabidopsis Thaliana
  • Samuel Kwofie – PhD Thesis, 2011: Development of a Hepatitis C Virus knowledge base with computational prediction of functional hypothesis of therapeutic relevance
  • Musa Gabere – PhD Thesis, 2011: Prediction of antimicrobial peptides using hyperparameter optimized support vector machines
  • Mark Wamalwa – PhD Thesis, 2011: Development of a comprehensive annotation and curation framework for analysis of Glossina Morsitans Morsitans expresses sequence tags

  • Adéle Kruger – PhD Thesis, September 2009: Development and Implementation of Ontology-Based Systems for Mammalian Gene Expression Profiling
  • Feziwe Mpondo – MSc Thesis, September 2009: A Comparative Genomics Approach Towards Classifying Immunity-related Proteins in the Tsetse Fly
  • Kavisha Ramdayal – MSc Thesis, September 2009: Incidence and Regulatory Implications of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms among Established Ovarian Cancer Genes
  • Sarah Mwangi – MSc Thesis, September 2009: An evolutionary genomics approach towards analysis of genes implicated in transmission of trypanosomes between tsetse fly and mammalian host
  • Alecia Naidu – MSc Thesis, 2009: The development of a single nucleotide polymorphism database for forensic identification of specified physical traits
  • Aleksandar Radovanovic – PhD Thesis, 2009: Concept Based Knowledge Discovery from Biomedical Literature
  • Adéle Kruger – PhD Thesis, 2009: Development and implementation of ontology-based systems for mammalian gene expression profiling

  • Eugene Duvenage – MSc Thesis, 2008: miRNAMatcher: High throughput miRNA discovery using regular expressions obtained via a genetic algorithm
  • Frederick Kamanu – MSc Thesis, 2008: Computational verification of published human mutations

  • Mario Jonas – MSc Thesis, September 2006: High Performance Computing and Algorithm Development: Application of Dataset Development to Algorithm Parameterisation
  • Farahnaz Ketwaroo – MSc Thesis, September 2006: Detection of positive selection in longitudinal Nevirapine treated reverse transcriptase sequences

  • Nothemba Kula – MSc Thesis, March 2005: Mung Bean Nuclease Digestion of Plasmodium DNA: Fact or Fiction?
  • Faizel Mosoval – MSc Thesis, March 2005: Determining the rate of structural changes in human duplicate genes

  • Anelda Boardman – MSc Thesis, 2004: Assessment of genome visualization tools relevant to HIV genome research: development of a genome browser prototype

  • Janet Kelso – PhD Thesis, April 2003: The Development and Application of Informatics-based Systems for the Analysis of the Human Transcriptome
  • Victoria Nembaware – MSc Thesis: Analysis of sequence divergence using completely sequenced genomes

  • Elana Ernstoff – MSc Thesis, December 2002: HIV Subtype C Diversity: Analysis of the Relationship of Sequence Diversity to Proposed Epitope Locations
  • Tzu-ming Chern – MSc Thesis, September 2002: Low Detection of Exon-skipping in Mouse Genes Orthologous to Human Genes on Chromosome 22

  • Junaid Gamieldien – PhD Thesis, December 2001: Novel Genomic Approaches for the Indentification of Virulence Genes and Drug Targets in Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Alan Christoffels – PhD Thesis, September 2001: Generation of a human gene index and its application to disease candidacy

  • Ekow Oppon – PhD Thesis, December 2000: Synergistic use of Promoter Prediction Algorithms: A choice for Small Training Dataset?
  • Andrey Ptitsyn – PhD Thesis, October 2000: New Algorithms for EST Clustering