The application procedure involves two steps, namely an internal application to SANBI for consideration whether you are a suitable applicant for the course, and the formal application to the University.

Internal Application

If you are interested in pursuing studies (MSc/ PhD/  Postdoc) at SANBI please contact the academic who most fits your desired field of study to discuss possible projects and funding.

List of potential supervisors

University of the Western Cape application

Once students have been informed by SANBI of their acceptance on the course, they must then apply through the normal UWC application procedure. This is a formality, and while it may take some time to complete it should not prevent any student from taking up a place on the course.

Important Dates

The University has two postgraduate intakes per year. However, interested candidates can apply throughout the year and could start at any time.

    • First intake: One week after start of first semester (in February – dates to be confirmed)
    • Second intake: One week after start of second semester (end of July – dates to be confirmed)


    1. Complete an Application form. You have three choices here.
      1. Either you can get an “Application for Admission” form by contacting the UWC Admissions Office on:Tel: +27 21 959-2897/3112/3113/2537Fax: +27 21 959-3668e-mail:
      2. Or by writing to them at:The Admissions OfficeThe University of the Western CapePrivate Bag X17Bellville7535
      3. On-line registration can be done here.
  1. A non-refundable application fee of R150 (the fee is adjusted annually), or proof of payment thereof, must accompany your application form. You can either deposit it directly into the UWC’s bank account (details from the above website), or pay it in at the UWC’s cashiers in the Administration Building on the UWC campus. Send the deposit slip or receipt with your application form to the Applications Department. You can also hand your application personally to the Admissions Office. Remember to include with your application a copy of your ID and academic transcript, as well as your letter of acceptance from SANBI.
  2. Students from other tertiary institutions who wish to pursue post-graduate studies at UWC must obtain admission to status. The status fee is R70 and will be debited to your student account once you have registered at UWC.
  3. If you are a foreign student, you must apply for your study permit from the Home Office of your Country of Origin. You can get the necessary forms to complete from your Home Office. You will need a letter from SANBI (the letterhead must also contain the UWC logo) stating that you have been accepted, indicating exactly how long the course will be, etc. – the more complete the letter, the easier the process. You will need the study permit to register.
  4. Within one to three weeks of posting your application form you should receive a postcard from the Admissions Office acknowledging receipt of your form, as well as a receipt for fees paid. Proof that your application is on the system will be in the form of a student number awarded to you. If you do not receive such a postcard, contact the Admissions Office at +27 21 959-2115/2897/3113/3112, or enquire at the cashier’s office. Each application form has an application number, which is the number you should use as a reference number in all correspondence with the university until you receive your student number with your letter of acceptance.
  5. Once your application has been received and processed, it will be forwarded to the Faculty of Science. The Faculty Officer will notify you about the outcome of your application in due course, after which you are ready to register for your studies with the UWC. Registration dates will be communicated to you.

Note: Should you have any difficulty downloading the application form or have any further questions concerning the programme please do not hesitate to contact the course co-ordinator at the above e-mail address.