The PhD programme at SANBI is well-established and alumni of this programme are now working all over South Africa and at Bioinformatics research sites around the world.

Upon arrival of the accepted candidate at SANBI, our faculty will present possible research projects. The PhD candidate will do a laboratory rotation for the first six weeks, where he/she will spend approximately 2 weeks in each of the faculty’s laboratories. After laboratory rotation, the student will select a supervisor to work with as well as a research topic. PhD candidates can also discuss possible projects with potential supervisors before arriving at SANBI, in which case a laboratory rotation is not compulsory.

PhD studies normally include the opportunity to visit collaborators and attend courses or conferences relevant to the research project within South Africa or abroad. Visits to foreign laboratories and attendance of conferences are dependant on the performance of the student.

It is expected of PhD candidates to publish their work in peer-reviewed international journals and to present at laboratory meetings and to wider audiences. All students also participate in journal club meetings, where relevant publications are prepared, presented, and discussed.

Students have to adhere to rules and regulations set out by the University of the Western Cape to obtain their degrees.

Bursaries are not guaranteed, and can only be considered once applications for study have been approved by SANBI. A number of funding opportunities exist through which students’ registration fees and living expenses could be covered. Overseas students must please take note that SANBI does not offer funding for travel to South Africa, and they will also be responsible for securing and paying for their own study visas – SANBI and UWC will only provide the necessary confirmation of acceptance letters where appropriate.

The degree should be completed within three years.

Admission requirements

Participants in the programme should be in possession of a Masters degree whether in Bioinformatics or in a related scientific field subject area such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Engineering or other areas judged as relevant by SANBI Faculty. All potential applicants must pass an interview by Faculty members.

Read more on application instructions and procedures.